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Corporate Events & Employee Meals

Business Catering Redefined

All-in-one Catering Solutions

We provide corporate catering services across the Bay Area. From team lunches to trainings, we offer food-for-work solutions for groups of any size in any workplace. With concierge ordering, healthy choices, and responsive support, we make it easy for you to handle any catering challenge across locations.

Custom Employee Meal Program

Looking for a way to show your employees you care? Our customizable employee meal program is the perfect solution! Increase productivity and satisfaction by providing healthy and delicious meals that keep your team energized throughout the day.

Catering for Groups

Sandwich Platter


Nicoise Salad


Maison Salad


Garden Salad


Chicken & Orzo Salad


Caesar Salad


Petit Catering for Groups

Petit Sandwich Platter


Petit Nicoise Salad


Petit Maison Salad


Petit Garden Salad


Petit Chicken & Orzo Salad


Petit Caesar Salad


Crafting Culinary Experiences for Your Business

We specialize in crafting exceptional culinary experiences through customized employee meal programs, special events, and unique catering solutions. Let us bring gourmet delight to your corporate setting.

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